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What Our Parents Said About Us

Here are what some of our parents at Rosebank have said about us!


“The best thing I ever did, to move M to Rosebank, she is the happiest I have ever seen   her"

“Fantastic relationship with child and great progress made”

“You are all fantastic!  A wonderful, supportive school that enables E to do so much. Thank you”  

“M has made great progress at Rosebank, this is a fantastic Autism Primary provision where M has made significant progress in his education.  He has overcome his sensory issues, in particular he has overcome sensory difficulties relating to the food.  He ate from an original diet of only 3 foods but  M will now eat almost anything!”

“I am very pleased with the progress J has made since attending Rosebank”

“My daughter always had a smile going to school”

“Fantastic school”


Here's what some of our parents said about our transition 2019-2020!

“Thomas is doing amazing at Greenbank he absolutely loves it and has already made new friends and met up with old friends too.”- Thomas, Greenbank


“He is doing really well and he’s really enjoying it (except for the homework!)” – Oliver, St.Nics


“She’s made some friends in her form and reports are she’s been working hard in her lessons and is going to the toilet with assistance for now but school are going to work on it with Keeley.” – Keeley, Oaklands


“He’s really enjoying school!”- Oscar, Greenbank


“James has settled well into the new school, at present there are only two children in the class, James and another little boy. We had a meltdown last Friday but nothing too much. He went willingly again on Monday and we are now getting adjusted to the new routine.” James, Lavender


“Catrin is really settling into her new school. She is really quite happy and has made a lovely friend.  She was very happy telling me about her, and the interesting chats they are having! She is studying 'Matilda' in English and came home telling us how lucky she is to have such great parents and thanking us for all we do for her! She is making a mobile phone holder in woodwork.    She is participating in lessons and doing the work that is asked of her, although in the first few days they did let her have her famous long naps (I had warned them). She still says 'I don't want to go to school' but also says 'I know I'm lucky to go to such a nice school' and we haven't had any issues with her not wanting to attend.

Catrin's ability to settle in quickly is a credit to all the work you, and the staff at Rosebank, did to support Catrin during her time at Rosebank.  We will forever be grateful for the kindness you showed her during her time there.”





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