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Rosebank SchoolLearning Together, Celebrating Success

Vision and Aims

Rosebank School Vision Statement

We will ensure that every pupil at Rosebank is respected as an individual and their self-awareness, independence and life skills are promoted in our multi-sensory environment. Each child is at the centre of a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, working together with families to provide high quality education, through which learning is enjoyable and achievement is valued and celebrated.

Rosebank's Aims

We are committed to identifying and supporting the individual needs of each child, each child being valued and respected for their unique qualities.

We aim to ensure high quality education and equality of opportunity for all pupils.

We are committed to providing an enabling environment with a strong focus on communication and social skills.

We aim to provide an enhanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum, which is holistic, broad, balanced, relevant and appropriate to each child's age, ability and learning style.

The curriculum aims to promote spiritual, moral, mental, emotional well-being and physical development of each child and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

We aim to develop each child's confidence, independence and resilience and to celebrate their achievements.

We work in partnership with children, their families and professionals to enable each pupil to succeed within the home, our school and community.

We aim to share our knowledge, practice and expertise with families, professionals and the wider community.


Discussed at a meeting of parents, staff and governors 23.11.15                                                                                                       Accepted and approved by all parties February 2016