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Rosebank SchoolListening, Responding, Learning



 Oak Class has seven pupils in years 5 and 6.

 Oak Class provides support to promote inclusion, choice, participation and equal opportunity.

In Oak Class we endeavour to create an environment that is predictableallows for choicecontrol and gives access to preferred activities. Oak Class use strategies to support communication, and build on a person’s strengths.

Oak class follow a visual timetable and use a finished symbol indicates the end of an activity. Lessons are broken down into small steps. These steps are written on a whiteboard and crossed off as they are completed. This enables pupils to know what they need to complete and when a lesson is coming to an end.

A wide range of sensory strategies are used in Oak class along with The Zones of Regulation to support Emotional Regulation. Pupils in Oak class are supported to be in the green zone and “Good to Go for Learning”.

Meet our staff team:

Teachers: Tracy Erasmus

 HLTA: Dianne Robertson

Teaching Assistants: Nicky Pinnington

                                                Josephine Smith