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Rosebank SchoolListening, Responding, Learning


Rosebank Curriculum 


The breadth of our curriculum is designed in order to:

  • Give our pupils a curriculum founded on autism specific approaches to match the strengths, needs and interests of the pupils and to reduce barriers to learning. We ensure that each pupil’s outcomes from Education and Health Care Plans are central to their learning.
  • Provide a coherent, structured curriculum based on the National Curriculum adapted to meet individual needs. Each Learning Focus is taught across the key stages to ensure that our curriculum is both rich in relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Acknowledge that children progress at different rates and from different starting points as we prepare them for life beyond Rosebank.


Autism Specific Approaches

  • Autism Education Trust (AET) Progression Framework ensures that emphasis is placed on this aspect of our pupil’s learning and development.
  • IABA

Learning Focus

The Learning Focus follows a four year rolling programme. Opportunities are provided for the pupils to generalise their skills in different environments within school and beyond. To find out more follow the links below, highlighted in green :

The table below explains how the EHCP underpins the Rosebank Curriculum along with each aspect of learning


The Rosebank School curriculum provides a strong foundation which ensures a wide range of opportunities preparing our pupils for transition into the next stage.

Progress and success are measured in many ways for example achieving EHCP outcomes, meeting expectations for academic attainment over time, tracking progress within the AET Progression Framework, increased self-awareness and emotional understanding of self- and others. 

Our curriculum ensures that the needs of individual pupil can be met within the environment of high quality autism specific teaching, supported by proven interventions where appropriate.

Long Term Plan of Curriculum Topics for Cross-Curricular Learning

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year A 2016/17 Changes and Festivals

Traditional Stories

People and Places

Travel and Places

Around the World

Year B 2017/18 Me, My Family and Friends past and present Houses and Homes including Castles Animals and Adventures
Year C 2018/19 Celebrations, Colour, Shape and Light Woods, Forests and Jungles Growing, Food and Farming
Year D 2019/20 Journeys Fantasy, Adventure and Super Heroes Keeping Healthy and Olympics

If you would like more information about the Rosebank School Curriculum please contact School.