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Rosebank SchoolListening, Responding, Learning

Autism Accreditation

NAS Accreditation June 2021 Summary

What stood out as particular strengths:

Staff’s detailed understanding of the sensory needs of pupils was evident throughout

observations. The recently introduced Sensory Diet Toolkit has been effectively used

by staff to analyse pupils’ needs and inform whole school practice. During observations

across school pupils consistently used their voice or visuals to communicate that ‘I

need a break’ and staff were quick to enable them to access their preferred sensory



There is an ongoing and robust programme of CPD which ensures that staff have a

good understanding in a range of autism specific best practice methods and

approaches. The leadership team have high expectations of staff and support them to

be ambitious about their professional development.


The experienced SALT team provide invaluable advice, support and guidance to staff

and families. The team support the school to develop at a strategic and individual level

through training advice and ongoing consultation.


What else the provision does well:

Within all observations, staff were able to make themselves understood using

simplified and structured verbal communication. Staff effectively used visual prompts,

modelling and objects of reference to communicate with pupils and support then with

learning or transitions.


Where best practice was observed, during an observation of lunch in the hall, staff

acted as social referees, joining the pupils at lunch to promote communication and

reinforce social rules. Where best practice was also observed, within an Early Years

class, staff were observed using Intensive Interaction with some pupils, joining them

in their preferred activity and play.


Within all observations, pupils were given opportunities to take ownership of their

learning by expressing their opinion or being given opportunities to make choices.

Partnership work with families is a strength of the school highlighted by both parents

and staff. Families generally feel well supported by the school and their “approachable

and understanding” Family Support Worker who is constantly reviewing and adapting

her approach to best meet the needs of families.


The school effectively use the AET progression framework to track progress and

identify progressive targets, which is evident through the school’s documentation and

curriculum planning.


Staff have a good understanding of pupil’s social emotional and mental health needs,

and through ELSA sessions, talk and draw and the zones of regulation, the school

empowers pupils to have a better understanding of their needs.


The school’s outreach service provides specialist support and training to schools and

nurseries across the county, further developing their practice and understanding of