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Rosebank SchoolLearning Together, Celebrating Success

Rosebank Sports News

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Rosebank Sports News will keep you up to date with results, achievements and other exciting info! Scroll down for the latest news.

Each class show great enthusiasm taking part in lots of different sporting activities. The children are currently learning:

  • Multi-skills - developing new skills and techniques; currently working on their balance and control. 
  • Rugby -  improving ball control and understanding the importance of working together.
  • Trampolining - the children visit a local gym where there are trampolines, balance beams, trampets, bars and lots more gym equipment.
  • Swimming - KS1 and KS2 children have been working hard to perfect their swimming techniques. Everyone has developed new skills and have even been rewarded with certificates!
  • Horse riding - the children are enjoying learning about how they can control the horse! Red class have just began their horse riding sessions and are doing great! 

Well done everyone! Keep up the hard work!    

William at the gymnastic centre
Craig and Isaac practising their rugby skills


Known as 'the best day of the year' to some of our sports fans here at Rosebank (including some staff), it's Sports day! It was a huge success and every class took part, giving it their all. For a full story on the day CLICK HERE. 




Multi-skills 6 Week Challenge
                                      Some of the classes have taken on the 6 week challenge. During eaImage result for exercising cartoon childrench                                             session, they learned a new skill then compete                                               with their classmates by doing different                                                             challenges. Click below to see the final                                                               results.              

                                                                          FINAL RESULTS


Boccia has become a huge hit here at Rosebank. So much so that we have taken part in some thrilling competitions! 
Everyone has tried so hard and used what they have learned in their multi-skills lessons to compete against each other and other schools.
See below to see how they got on.


Latest News - 2016

Some of the children have been busy showing off their sporting skills against Sandiway Primary School  The children participated well and all tried their very best.  The final score was 2-2.  Well done everyone!!!


(Orange) 4 5
(Purple) 5 7
(Pink) 8 4
(Red) 5 2

24/11/16 Boccia Competition

A fantastic  competition  took place today when Rosebank School and Lostock Primary School children competed against each other.  It was a very close game and great fun was had by all!!  The scores were as follows:


(Orange) 2 10
(Purple) 6 4
(Pink) 6 3
(Red) 3 7

3/12/15 Boccia Competition



(Orange) 1 7
(Red) 3 10
(Blue) 4 8
(Pink) 4 6

26/11/15 Boccia Competition

HUGE UPSET! Not only did Red Class defeat some of the top players of Rosebank in Orange Class, BUT LOOK AT HOW MUCH BY!

Red Class     

Orange Class

8 0

 For full report click HERE.

24/11/15 Boccia Competition


For Full Report click HERE

19/11/15 Boccia Competition

Rosebank take on Lostock! For full report click HERE