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Rosebank SchoolLearning Together, Celebrating Success


Rosebank School’s Governing Body Constitution comprises ten governors:

1 Local Authority governor – appointed by the Local Authority

1 Headteacher – appointed by the Governing Body

2 Parent governors – elected by parents

1 Staff governor – elected by staff

5 Co-opted governors – appointed by the Governing Body

Quorum for Full Governing Body meetings is 5 (one half of the membership of the governing body, not including vacant positions, rounded up to the nearest whole number).  The normal term of office for a governor is 4 years.

Clerk to the Governing Body is appointed by the Governing Body on an annual basis.  

Current Members of the Governing Body

LA governor                                       Mrs Ann White     
proposed by the                    
Local Authority,                               Term of office 26.7.14 – 25.7.18
appointed by the
Governing Body                       


Headteacher                                    Mrs Lucy Lee



Parent governor                           Mrs Tamara Downes


                                                                Term of office 7.6.14 – 6.6.18


Parent governor                            Mrs Kim Murray


Staff governor                               Miss Jackie Boyer


                                                               Term of office 27.6.14 – 26.6.18


Co-opted governor                   Mrs Dilys Hooper


                                                             Term of office 19.3.15 – 18.3.19


Co-opted governor                 Mrs Melanie Rathbone


                                                            Term of office 19.3.15 – 18.3.19


Co-opted governor               Mrs Victoria Modlin


                                                          Term of office 10.12.15 – 9.12.19

Other governors who have served during the past 12 months:


 Chair and Vice Chair

Chair of Governing Body – Ann White

(Term as Chair 27.11.14 until 26.11.18 or the next FGB meeting thereafter)


Vice Chair – Sarah Steen

(Term as Vice Chair 19.3.15 until 18.3.19 or the next FGB meeting thereafter)

 Additional Responsibilities - individual governors

Safeguarding Governor – Sarah Steen

Health and Safety Governor – Tamara Downes

Training Liaison Governor – Dilys Hooper

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Link Governor – Sarah Worth

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Link Governor – Ann White

Children Who Are Looked After Link Governor – Sarah Worth

Pupil Premium Governor – Jackie Boyer

Teacher Governor Link – Jackie Boyer

 Curriculum Responsibilities - individual governors

Governors are responsible for some areas of the curriculum.  Not all subjects are covered – areas are chosen on the basis of a governor’s particular expertise or interest or if an area, for example Independence, needs particular strength or development within the school curriculum.  Current areas of responsibility are:

Ann White – PSHCE and PE

Tamara Downes – Computing and e-Safety

Sarah Steen – English, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) (French) and Drama

Sarah Worth – Speech and Language Therapy, Communication and Independence

Mrs Dilys Hooper – Art, D&T and Music


 Committee Structure and Membership

Currently the Governing Body delegates responsibilities to four committees:


Curriculum Quality and Standards Committee:

Jackie Boyer (Committee Chair)

Lucy Lee

Sarah Steen

Ann White

Sarah Worth

Mel Rathbone


Personnel and Staffing Committee:

Dilys Hooper

Lucy Lee

Sarah Steen (Committee Chair)

Ann White

Sarah Worth


Finance and Premises Committee (Chair – to be confirmed):

Tamara Downes

Dilys Hooper

Lucy Lee

Ann White


Pay Review Committee (Chair – to be confirmed):

Lucy Lee

Sarah Steen

Ann White

Sarah Worth

Quorum for all Committee meetings is 3.

 Headteacher's Performance Management

Members of the Headteacher’s Performance Management Panel are:

Tamara Downes

Sarah Steen

Ann White