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Rosebank SchoolLearning Together, Celebrating Success



It is our aim at Rosebank to enable all of our pupils to become as independent as possible in all areas including self-help and organisational skills.

Visual symbols are evidence throughout the school and are used consistently to encourage independence.

In our consistent and structured environment, pupils are taught strategies to regulate their own emotions and behaviours.


Communication is a vital part of everyday life and a skill that every child needs to learn to reach their full potential.

Rosebank provides a communication-friendly environment that uses supportive strategies and specialist approaches across the school day in order to develop social relationships, regulate behaviour, enhance learning opportunities and access the curriculum.

At Rosebank we know that children develop at different rates and in different ways.   Some children will need support with understanding and processing what others say as well with communicating their first messages about needs and wants.  Other children will need to learn to listen well, put sentences together and take turns in conversations that play a key part in learning during lesson time and in building and maintaining friendships.

Our knowledge of individual pupils and small class sizes enables us to support children and their families in the two-way process of communication.  We know that this can be achieved successfully through the use of objects, symbols and pictures, gestures or through the more conventional means of speech and writing.

Long Term Plan of Curriculum Topics for Cross-Curricular Learning

    Autumn Spring Summer
Year A 2016/17 EYFS/KS1 Changes Traditional stories Travel and places


Changes People and places Around the world
Year B 2017/18 EYFS/KS1 Toys and Nursery Rhymes Homes Animals
  KS2 Families past and present Houses and homes Adventures
Year C 2018/19 EYFS/KS1 Colour and shape Me, my family and friends Growing
  KS2 Light and celebrations Fantastic  Forests Food and farming
Year D 2019/20 EYFS/KS1 Changes Traditional stories and rhymes Travel and places
  KS2 Journeys Use your imagination Olympics